The Profiles in Courage Award 1983.

The Kennedy Society of Denmark has for the year 1983 decided to award
John F. Kennedy's book "Profiles in Courage" to Andrei Sakharov for his courage. The reasons are as follows:

He has courageously maintained his conviction without compromise, ever since he published the book "Manifest on Progress, Co-existence and Freedom" in 1968.

He has courageously and unselfishly fought for his humanistic ideas and paid the price for it.

He has courageously criticized those in power and situations in societies, which have meant the repression of basic human rights -
both in East and West.

He has courageously in his manifesto referred both to East and West to lead a visionary, stringent policy of détente - and in this way assisted the poor countries to move from the suffering of hunger, illness and oppression.