The Profiles in Courage Award 1992.

The Kennedy Society has decided to award former Prime Minister
Anker Joergensen, Member of Parliament, with John F. Kennedy's book "Profiles in Courage" for the year 1992.
For his courage throughout many years to work for justice and humanity, room for all people and his great efforts to make opponents meet - in his search: "To seek a newer world".
In the 1960’ies and 70’ies Anker Joergensen showed courage in participating in the democratic opposition against the bombings and land warfare in Vietnam. In spite of hard criticism at home and abroad he maintained the legitimate criticism. This was in accordance with the statement made by Robert F. Kennedy in 1967 in his book "To seek a newer world": "Guns and bombs cannot fill empty stomachs or educate children, cannot build homes or heal the sick. But these are the ends for which men establish and obey governments", from Robert F. Kennedy's "To seek a newer world" page 192 and from Anker Joergensen: "From my diaries 1972 - 1975", page 29.
During the opening of the NATO meeting in Copenhagen on 14 June 1973, Anker Jørgensen showed courage by stating that NATO is "an organisation for defence of democracy to ensure that weapons are not used to suppress freedom and prevent social development". "From my diaries 1972 - 1975", page 100.
In Middelfart on 5 November 1973 Anker Joergensen showed his courage to defend what he believed is the truth and justice in the Middle East. Although alone in his conviction he defended his attitudes. Since then he has both in theory and practise shown courage to work for understanding and negotiations with all parties and all states in strained conflicts. "From my diaries 1972-75", page 189-190 and page 209.
Anker Joergensen has shown courage to maintain a co-operation between East and West. This was expressed in the important Danish contribution at the Helsingfors Treaty in 1975, cf. "From my diaries 1975-77", page 154-168 and Anker Joergensen's speech in Helsingfors on 31 July 1975.
Along the lines of John F. Kennedy's similar attitudes Prime Minister Anker Joergensen also had the courage to say no to the neutron bomb, cf. "From my diaries 1978-82", pages 27, 31 and 32. These courageous attitudes has later characterized Anker Joergensen. These attitudes are always current when we have to relate to the present challenges.