The Profiles in Courage Award 2005.

The Kennedy Society of Denmark has decided to present John F. Kennedy’s book
 “Profiles in Courage” as an award to special counsel to John F. Kennedy,
Theodore C. Sorensen.

For his contribution to profile the courage and the hope in the life of John F. Kennedy.
For in close co-operation with Robert F. Kennedy
 to have followed the words of President Kennedy:
”Let both sides explore, what problems unite us…”
to the solution of the Cuban Missile Crisis - without war.
For as an author and adviser to have followed the purpose:
Keeping alive John F. and Robert F. Kennedy’s inspiration and philosophy of life,
so that their good words can be translated into good deeds.

On May 11, 2003 he stated in Washington about President Kennedy’s courageous speech: ”The Strategy of Peace”on June 10, 1963:”Kennedy wanted the United States to lead by force of example, not force of our weaponry.” His speech called for “world law.”
 Courageously Theodore C. Sorensen stated on the war in Iraque:
 “Having launched a war without approval of the United Nations, or hard evidence of imminent danger or the sanctions of international law, now we must worry that other states, large or small, will utilize that precedent to suddenly attack us or their neighbours or adversaries… Our declared doctrine of preemtive strikes without legal justification or evidence, is music to the ears of terrorist organizations that specialize in such strikes; but, if followed worldwide, it will create a lawless planet in which the law abiding will suffer the most…” He continued: “Under administration of both parties and in both branches of government, we have turned our backs on Kennedy’s emphasis on treaties.”  And: “After military victory comes the cost of reconstruction and the burden of occupation…victims still include the truth, civil liberties and tens of billions of dollars better spent on hospitals and schools.”

He also called the United States to “accept those treaties, which we have rejected, including those on global warming, land mines, biodiversity and human rights.”
He proposed a “New Stragedy of Peace”: “First, we must end our opposition to the International Criminal Court… Second, we must reverse a similar mistake made in 1986 when we withdrew from the International Court of Justice… Third, a world of law will require new efforts… to complete the network of treaties that outlaw the use, possession and distrubution of weapons of mass destruction… The fourth step toward a world of law is to strengthen the United Nations… Fifth, we cannot build a peaceful world of law unless we will win the war against global poverty…”

On May 14, 2003 Theodore C. Sorensen spoke in Copenhagen, Denmark,
and he stated about the war in Iraque: “It is not in our interest to violate international law.”
Referring to the effort for an international coalition against terror after September 11, 2001, he said:
“There is already one: The United Nations.”