The Profiles in Courage Award 2009.

The Kennedy Society has decided to present John F. Kennedy’s book “Profiles in Courage” for 2009  - as an award – to Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan for her courageous efforts against extremism, for promoting international understanding for the benefit of women and against the threat of nuclear weapons.

From her youth she has been committed to campaigning against war and for civil rights for all. Since her marriage to His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan Queen Noor has committed herself to working for a better world in freedom, peace and reconciliation between people.
In her book; “Leap of Faith,” 2004, she has written: “I continued to cite the repercussions of war for these most vulnerable members of society as one more reason to support a nonmilitary solution to the Middle East crisis.” According to the words of President John F. Kennedy at The United Nations in 1961 “war appeals no longer as a rational alternative.”
She has written in her book: “Let it become indisputably clear that war is not a solution for economic, social or political problems.” Queen Noor in her commitment in Global Zero has contributed courageously to the campaign to rule out nuclear weapons and free the world from the threat of nuclear weapons. President Kennedy explained his vision to The United Nations in 1961:”The weapons of war must be abolished, before they abolish us” and he spoke of: “Gradual destruction of all nuclear weapons.” She has tirelessly worked for peace in the Middle East and she has said in her book: “We have an opportunity to shift the momentum in our region from warfare and waste to justice, reconciliation and peace, based on the application of international law and United Nations resolutions.”
Queen Noor has worked with similar commitment in international efforts to rule out landmines.    Through her Foundation:  Noor Al Hussein Foundation (NHF) Queen Noor has created better possibilities for education and health care in her country and new opportunities for women for occupation and work.
She has summarized her efforts for understanding between nations and peoples, despite differences of religion and race, in her book: “My years of experience in Jordan and my current work with the United Nations and other international organizations, has convinced me that real security … must focus on the needs of human beings, not just nations.”                                                                                                     
Finally she has written in her book:                                                                                               
“For all of our sakes, we can no longer afford to allow ourselves to be imprisoned by our fears and differences. We cannot allow extremist views on religion, race, culture, or creed to be twisted into a rationale for hatred.”